A Guide About Recommended Tire Pressure

Tire pressure guide
Tire’s air pressure is one of the most important items to maintain next perhaps to changing oil on your vehicle. The air pressure on trucks’ tires and those of the ATVs are relatively different in the sense that the former is much higher than the latter due to the fact that trucks are several times heavier than ATVs.
Tire’s pressure is primarily the amount of pressure, in psi (pounds per square inch) inside the rubber tire which makes it to inflate so that it could roll over evenly enhancing linear motion. We have written here some guiding tips and tricks that could serve you well in the maintenance and utilization of your ATV tires. We will also tackle here the tire pressure use in trucks and other heavier vehicles so that you may know their difference.

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The best ATV tire pressure
The most common manufacturers’ recommendations on the best tire pressure to use for ATVs ranges from 2 to 10 psi, depending on the location (front or rear) of the tire on the ATV. However, the recommended tire pressure depends also on the weight the tire will be subjected to during its trip but must not exceed 10 psi.
Basically, there are two tire pressures that users must be familiar with. For one, the pressure is stamped on the tire’s side. The other one is the recommended pressure on the ATV’s owner’s manual. The one stamped on the tire is the maximum pressure rating advised by the manufacturers while the other one is the ATV manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure which is pegged at 2.7 to 10 psi.
You could adjust the tire pressure depending on your anticipated load or the terrain you have to travel. The higher the pressure, the higher the load the tire could bear. But do not over-inflate the tire as this may cause crowning on the middle of the tire which may cause its early wear and tear.
Also, the rear tires’ pressure must be slightly higher than the front tires as these tires absorbed much of the weight. So, how much tire pressure you should use on your ATV tires? Most expert ATV riders prefer 3- 4 psi (front and rear respectively), and gradually increase this range when necessary, but mostly they do not exceed at 8 psi which they find as the ideal tire pressure for normal load.
Recommended Tire Pressure

How to check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires

Truck’s tire pressure
On the other hand, truck’s tire pressure ranges from 55-80 psi (front and rear, respectively) depending on how large the truck and the load it could carry. You could pick on this pressure and consider the recommended tire pressure stamped on the tire when you have doubt on the weight of your load.

Tools for maintaining the right tire pressure
Pick the most handy tire pressure tools available so that it could be convenient and does not add up to the weight of the ATV when you are on the run. The most common tools are:
•Tire gauge with hose and valve
•Manual tire pump, when you are in the wilderness
•Tire inflator with gauge (to decrease the pressure if needed)
These are the basic tools for maintaining good tire pressure, you could see the complete list that include tools for changing tires and others from the owner’s manual of your ATV.