Advantages of proper tire inflation (Tips)

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On January 1, 2016
Last modified:July 9, 2017


Keeping the correct tire inflation is a practice that comes with numerous benefits. Ensuring your tires have the right pressure can save you money, enhance the longevity of your vehicle and even prevent accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers tend to ignore this simple tip. Nevertheless, if you want to maintain the efficiency of your truck on the road make sure you observe proper tire inflation.

Notably, proper tire inflation is so fundamental such that vehicles have a TPMS or tire pressure monitoring system. However, don’t worry if your vehicle lacks the modern tire pressure monitoring system, you can constantly use a tire pressure gauge. Keeping the right tire inflation offers you the following advantages.

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Fuel Economy

The world is facing a fuel crisis that sees the price fluctuate frequently. Therefore, saving fuel means saving money. Further, it reduces national dependence on oversea oil and the harmful and costly process of drilling more oil. With the proper tire inflation, your vehicle has a better gas mileage, enabling you to drive further with few fill-ups. Thus, if you desire to save some money, ensure all the four tires have the correct pressure.

Less Wear on all the Tires

Apparently, proper tire inflation prevents the tires from wearing out quickly. Right tire inflation combines with tire alignment, balancing, and rotation to minimize the case of bad wear patterns. This pattern causes some parts of the tires to wear down quickly. Hence, maintaining the proper tire inflation will help you avoid frequent tire purchases.

Helps Prevent Accidents

Proper tire inflation offers better vehicle handling. On the contrary, if your tires don’t have the right pressure, there is a high risk of causing accidents. Evidently, when your vehicle doesn’t have suitable road traction, driving gets more dangerous. Therefore, drivers who care about their lives and lives of the other citizens should always ensure to keep the right tire inflation.


Ideally, using fuel in your vehicle result in about 2.4 kg of CO2 (carbon dioxide), a greenhouse gas. Production of such gasses in the environment causes climate change. Maintaining proper tire inflation assists to enhance fuel efficiency, thus, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. In Canada about 1.5 million tons of CO2 are unnecessarily emitted into the surrounding due to poor tire maintenance observance. Additionally, disposing of old tires harms the environment.

Most of these tires end up in recycling centers or landfills. In the recycling centers, a lot of gasoline or another type of energy is used. However, ensuring proper tire inflation can reduce the number of worn out tires consequently, reducing the amount of energy used in recycling processes.

Keeping the correct pressure in your tires is pretty simple. It can help you save on fuel and the need to purchase new tires. Most importantly, it prevents the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Checking Tire Pressure

You can purchase a digital tire gauge like Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge to check constantly the pressure in your tires. A good practice is to carry the gauge in your vehicle. However, you should first, check the pressure level needed in your car. This information is usually found in the user’s manual.

Inspect the pressure when your vehicle tires are cold since tires tend to heat up as you drive. Thus, after a long drive take some time before measuring the tire pressure; give them some time to cool down. Alternatively, you can make a routine to check the pressure every morning before you embark on the daily activities.

When checking the tire pressure, unscrew the tire valve cap and keep it aside. Next, press the tire pressure gauge onto the valve stem. You will likely notice some hiss as you press and release the valve. You don’t have to do that for a long time, however, ensure you get the right reading.

Filling Tires

There are two ways to refill your tires; you can opt to drive to auto parts or acquire a portable air compressor like the Porter Cable PCFP02003 135 PSI Pancake Compressor. The advantage of a portable air compressor is that you will be able to refill the tires at home. However, if there are numerous filling stations around your place, you can take advantage of the free facility! As you fill up your tires, avoid over inflation since it is harmful; it causes uneven wear, and it can compromise the vehicle balance and handling.