Best ATV Street Tires to roam the road

How could ATV street tires serve you better?

There are various models of ATV street tires made by different manufacturers that are flooding the market today. Some are worth the find, some could just be better off with publicity. We could certainly give you the best deal in finding the right tires for your ATV, whether as spare or replacements. Our vast experience with the industry could certainly bring you information on what’s new and what’s the best for your interest regarding tires for your vehicle.
ATV Street tires, also known as hard surface tires, could give you awesome power to maneuver your vehicle without damaging the road or the tire itself. The different tread patterns offered by manufacturers frequently give different results, though, for some cases it would be unnoticeable for the user. Overtime, the damage could cost you not only financial difficulties but psychological as well. Wise decisions could lead you to an awesome relief from stress and physical harm. You only need to follow some good advice.
Common inquiries regarding this rubber tire is that whether it could be used for all types of terrain, in any weather and in any road temperature. Basically, all tires are constructed to withstand the harsh condition of the environment in which they operate. Some products are designed for different purposes, and some are for specific ones.
As tires are disposable commodities, its service/life could be prolonged depending on its care and magnitude of use. ATV street tires are street legal tires, approved for use by government agencies. Responsible purchases include the thorough reading of the product’s user’s manual to fully understand the item’s capability, limitations and applications. Smart buying could be the best key to save your precious dollars.
We have listed 3 of the most sought-after ATV street tires currently available in the market. You could religiously analyze your needs and necessities, by these you could arrive at a better deal regarding your requirements. This list will give ideas and information you badly need.

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Top 3 of the best ATV tires

1. GBC Afterburn ST Force Bias Tire – 25X8-12

atv street tires-GBC Afterburn ST Force Bias Tire – 25X8-12
Manufactured by GBC (Green Ball Corporation) Motorsports, this terminator ATV tire could launch a thousand miles within its lifetime. Weighing only 18.6 lbs. and bias construction, this product is beautifully crafted with an advanced Engineering technique making it more ideal for rugged terrain.
With its section width at 25 inches, the rim diameter is just enough at 12 inches, thus it could rotate easily and handily to give the necessary inertial force tantamount to a semi-truck. Though not designed to handle heavier load, the ST Force tire is speed rated “R”. Primarily introduced in the market in mid-August 2010, the product is quite popular as records showed that more than 100,000 units were sold since its introduction to the market. Its aspect ratio is an outstanding “8”. The GBC tires conform to all United States standards of manufacturing.
GBC Afterburn Street Force ATV tires are DOT (US Department of Transportation) approved product. This could be checked online by visiting the company’s website. It is not difficult for this product to gain acceptance in the international market as its quality had been approved by one of the world’s most prestigious government agencies. You could not certainly be mistaken owning this type of ATV tires.
Fortunately, GBC had been manufacturing tires for more than 30 years. They have been awarded numerous times for quality and service; their products could not possibly shortchange their customers.

2. Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire- 25X8-12

atv street tires-Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire - 25X8-12
ATVs are designed to trek dunes, desert, mud holes, forests, rivers and almost every rugged terrain. And its tires should handle all these situations with ease and comfort to the vehicle and the riders. The Carlisle all trail ATV tire is just one “behemoth” of a tire if quality is to be considered. This super swamped ATV tire is produced by Carlisle,an innovative tire maker for decades, which manufactured some of the best-selling tires globally.
This sleek and magnificently tracked tire is quite amazing where it could be utilized for other utility vehicles similar to ATVs (like fun karts). Its versatility is enormous, it could run in almost all wet or totally dried terrain, like river, sand and pea size gravel laden road with ease and could maintain its torque continuously without scraping the tire. This type of tire is manufactured in almost 13 sizes, but this size (25X8-12) is the most sought after.
Though quite heavier at 19.7 lbs. this unit has a section width of 25 inches and an aspect ratio of “8”. The rim diameter is 12 inches while its speed rating is “B”. The bias construction could easily track down a steep climb of 30 degrees without the possibility of spilling over. Unfortunately, this product could not be shipped outside of the US due to some restrictions.
This ATV Street tire is also best for marginal terrain and surprisingly for fragile land forms such as uphill and downhill. This tire is really affordable compared to other tires of its caliber. For concrete jungle rides, the Carlisle tire would not slip on this surface since its traction is also designed for this kind of road. Additionally, the recommended pressure for this tire range from 5-8 psi, for more effective traction and endurance.

3. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire- 25X13-9

atv street tires-Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire-25X13-9
The Carlisle HD 25X13-9 is much bigger ATV street tire than most of the models on the HD category. But its endurance and traction power could not be bargained for. It is tough, rigid and really boasts of incredible maneuverability. One of its best characteristics is its ability to hit sharp turns with ease which is quite difficult for ordinary tires, where they slip and turn upside down.
The HD Field Trax is much heavier at 27.4 lbs. primarily because of its thick steel plated hub. Having a section width of 25 inches and an aspect ratio of 13, the HD has a rim diameter of 9 inches; it could maintain rotation much faster than its predecessor (the Carlisle Turf) and probably on most of its competitors.
Constructed primarily in bias way, the HD Field Trax could fit most ATVs in the market, and this product is rated as “C”. Aside from this size (25X13-9), the Carlisle HD comes also in 5 more different sizes that cater for different ATV models. Being the top of its class, this product has footprints unique to its feature. The tread is designed to endure the most rugged terrain one sees as difficult as flying to the moon.
Some users prefer the HD for lawnmowers; they have attested it does not slip through wet grass. The good design of the tread makes it quite fit for slippery jobs. Although designed for ATVs, users have variety of choices on where to put their best investment. Whether for leisure or for hard work, the Carlisle HD could be a discount ATV tire ready to serve any harsh or friendly environments.

How to maintain the tires to last

Any product manufactured in a unique way or processed through meticulous manufacturing ingenuity also needs constant care. You could do this by not over pressuring the rubber. You could follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions about this. Read its user’s manual repeatedly. Clean the unit at least after every use or the need arises.
Since ATV tires, like any vehicle tire, are made up of rubber reinforced with steel-wires for added strength, its air-pressure should be maintained as recommended and not exceed its allowable limit. Exceeding the air-pressure beyond limit is strictly prohibited by the manufacturers for any type.

We could now have our judgment

As we have laid to you the 3 finest ATV street tires that are making rounds off the worldwide market, your choice could be narrowed down within these 3 products. Rubber tires, especially the much lighter varieties,could save you precious dollars in maintenance, replacement or the eventual reliability during the most time you need its service. Of course, maintaining your precious tires will give you extra thousand miles and you should do this regularly.
Speed ratings, by the way, were established and formulated to match the speed capacity of the tires compared to the top speed capability of the vehicles where the tires are utilized or applied.
ATV street tires have been the vehicles’ companion for more than four decades, and its development had not been the same as of recently, it now uses a state-of-the-art technology in processing. Manufacturing methods had changed over time that yielded these 3 most popular and considered as “discount ATV tires” of the year, but their quality and rigidity never fail the users. They have all been reliable since their respective introduction into the market.
This guide/review could help you establish a better choice, no matter which the ATV street tire’s manufacturers are, their products’ durability and capability count. Just remember to give your choice time to be organized, and you could never be wrong, you could also save a lot.

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best atv tires for sale-ITP Mega Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire
  • ITP Mega Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire 27x11-12
  • Ply Rating : 6
  • Dimension(inches) : 27X11X12
  • Tread Depth, inches : 1.50
  • Rim Diameter, inches : 12
  • Construction : Bias
  • Weight lbs : 33
  • Our rating :
  • Price :
best atv tires for sale-Kenda K587 Bear Claw HTR ATV Radial Tire
  • Kenda K587 Bear Claw HTR ATV Radial Tire-25X8.00/R12
  • Ply Rating : 8
  • Dimension(inches) : 25X8X8
  • Tread Depth, inches : 1.00
  • Rim Diameter, inches : 12
  • Construction : Radial
  • Weight lbs : 42
  • Our rating :
  • Price :
best atv tires for sale-Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire
  • Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire-22X12-8
  • Ply Rating : 6
  • Dimension(inches) : 22X22X12
  • Tread Depth, inches : 1.25
  • Rim Diameter, inches : 12
  • Construction : Bias
  • Weight lbs : 20.3
  • Our rating :
  • Price :
best atv tires for sale-Sedona Mud Rebel Tire
  • Sedona Mud Rebel Tire - Front - 24x8x12, Position: Front, Rim Size: 12, Tire Application: All-Terrain, Tire Size: 24x8x12, Tire Type: ATV/UTV, Tire Ply: 6 MR24812)
  • Ply Rating : 6
  • Dimension(inches) : 24X24X8
  • Tread Depth, inches : 0.67
  • Rim Diameter, inches : 12
  • Construction : Bias
  • Weight lbs : 21
  • Our rating :
  • Price :
best atv tires for sale-Interco Tire Swamp Lite (6ply) ATV Tire
  • Interco (Tire Swamp Lite [6-ply] ATV Tire – 27X9-12)
  • Ply Rating : 6
  • Dimension(inches) : 27X27X9
  • Tread Depth, inches : 1.25
  • Rim Diameter, inches : 12
  • Construction : Bias
  • Weight lbs : 27
  • Our rating :
  • Price :