Best Kenda Tires Review on the Market (Tips & Guide)

The kenda tires are designed to offer you a quality journey on the trail, on the road and the trail. These tires are professionally engineered for value and excellent performance in various applications and interest. If you get the original kenda bear claw from kenda tires, then you are assured of improving your truck’s power and consequently improving your performance. The bear claw tires have numerous beautiful features that give them exceptional performance. Some of these features include deep siping treads, wide bracket and shoulder, and sturdy design like 6-ply construction. We present kenda bear claw review to highlight some aspects of kenda tires that matter the most when it comes to your trucks ability. This kenda tires review touches on the types and features.

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Types of Kenda Tires

Kenda All Terrain Tires

The kenda tires are designed to offer great performance both off road as well as on the road. They are intended to perform well in various conditions found off road and still offer acceptable on-highway performance. Kenda all trail tires are perfect for drivers who drive more on highways but also meet some constant trails. If you want an all-terrain tire, you can consider the Kenda Klever A/T KR28.

Kenda Mud Tires

These tires are designed specifically for mud conditions. However, the tread design of mud tires allows them to offer excellent performance in deep snow, on rocks, while not compromising performance on softer and loose gravel. You can choose the kenda k587 bear claw to serve you on the all trail conditions.

Popular Kenda Tires for review

Kenda k299 bear

kenda tires review - Kenda Bear claw K299 ATV Tire
The kenda k299 bear offers great control, smooth ride and it is quiet on the road. This inexpensive tire is designed to offer exceptional performance in all terrains. Its durability is a guarantee since it features 6 ply construction. It can be used on both front or rear wheel in your truck, and it is tubeless to minimize any chances of a puncture. You will appreciate the huge ergonomic size coupled with the bias construction. This tire cost is cheap and yet it offers amazing traction in numerous terrains.

Kenda k587 bear claw

kenda tires review - Kenda k587 bear claw ATV Tire
The kenda k587 bear claw is the Bear Claw successor, and it comes in various sizes. It’s designed to meet the specific tire needs of the modern day ATV. It comes with an 8PR radial casing making it sturdy and ready for all uncertain terrains. The kenda k587 provides excellent handling and superior puncture resistance. Through the exceptional tread design, this tire offers high traction power. If you want to give your truck the power to handle both smooth and uncertain terrains, you can consider the kenda k587.

Kenda K538 Executioner ATV

kenda tires review - Kenda K538 Executioner ATV Bias Tire - 25x10.00-12
The Kenda K538 is designed to meet and exceed all the demands of aggressive 4×4 riding trails. Even in the muddiest terrains, this tire will withstand since it features a deep down tread design. Those who want to enjoy a smooth ride on rough and bumpy roads will love this tire because it features reinforced knobs that minimize knob roll-over during low pressure. This ATV tire has dimpled tread surface that improve traction on drier terrains. It is even durable due to its 6-ply and 2+2 casing construction.

Kenda K290 Scorpion ATV

kenda tires review - Kenda Scorpion 2 Ply 25-12.00-9 K290 ATV Tire
Even your light truck and pickup can be more productive! The Kenda K290 is meant for less rough terrains but it can handle a bit of the off road trails. The design offers excellent traction in various weather conditions. Although it can’t be compared to the above three Kenda tires, it has relatively aggressive shoulder knobs. It features an exceptional built-in rim guard specifically for extra sidewalls and also for rim protection. It’s meant to boost the power of your utility vehicle.

Kenda Tires Features


In the above kenda tires review, it is evident that each tire comes with different traction levels. The traction is tailored to meet the specific terrain demands.
K299 Bear Claw – It has deep siping and aggressive looking tread design that offer unparalleled traction in any terrain.

Kenda K587 Bear Claw – Though the treads aren’t very deep, they are designed to offer high traction on various terrains.

K538 Executioner – It features tread design for deep down traction; the K538 tread design meets nearly all aggressive 4×4 riding trail demands.

Kenda K290 Scorpion – This tire offers excellent traction on various trails but it isn’t designed for extra rough terrains.

Durability and Puncture Resistance

Durability is a very vital factor to consider when choosing tire to power your truck. The kenda bear claw is designed with durability in mind that translates to excellent puncture resistance. Some of the factors that contribute to puncture resistance and durability include, 3 ply, 6 ply design, 2+2 and 8PR radial casing.

Kenda K299 – This tubeless tire features a 6 ply design that offers excellent puncture resistance while ensuring durability.

Kenda K587 – It comes with 8PR radial casing for puncture resistance giving you long years of service.

Kenda K538 – The K538 Executioner comes with both a 2+2 casing and 6-ply rating for improved puncture resistance.

Kenda K290 ScorpionThis ATV rear tire isn’t as durable and puncture resistance as compared to the above three tires. But the tread design makes this tire hold in place if it isn’t driven through very rough terrains.

Ride Experience

No matter the aggressiveness and durability of a particular tire, we still want a great ride experience. Kenda tires have different constructions to ensure different levels of riding experience.
Kenda K299 – This tire features bias construction to offer a smooth ride.
Kenda K587 – It offers excellent handling and a soft ride even on rough roads.
Kenda K538 Executioner – The K538 comes with reinforced knobs that enhance ride comfort. You will have a great riding experience when you ride on this tire.

Bottom Line

The kenda bear claw tires are well-rounded and ideal for use in a variety of terrains. In this kenda tires review, we have tackled the tires that can be used on dirt, rock, gravel, mud and snow conditions. If you want tires that are perfect for withstanding the unforgiving snow, hauling brush and moving manure without any complications, choose one of the above tires. Their prices match the quality features and thus worth investing.