GBC Dirt Devil ATV Bias Tire – 24×10-11 (Reivew)

GBC Dirt ATV Tire
The GBC Dirt ATV Tire is designed with toughness and durability in mind. It features a 6 ply design to suit its price. This tire is made of sturdy rubber to ensure you don’t face any punctures. The GBC Dirt is primarily meant for riding throughout pastures, ridges, hills and crossing creeks. The inventory design is also perfect for muddy conditions. You don’t have to worry about the size! This tire will fit on your rim well and hold air right away when installed. Its versatile nature enables you to use this tire for different vehicles including 4 wheelers. The GBC Dirt has more power offering the best bite to take you to difficult and hard to reach places. It’s an all-weather tire offering similar excellent traction in summer and winter. Looking for tires to improve your productivity? Why not consider the GBC Dirt ATV Tire?

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Read our in-depth review for this tire to get all the features, pros, cons, and our final thought.

Features and Specifications

6 Ply Design
The GBC Devil Bias ATV Tire features a 6 ply design for puncture resistance. This tire is meant to relieve you all the punctures of your current tires. The 6 ply design greatly reduces tear and wear.

Great Bite – Traction

A tire is defined by its traction level! A great grip gives your extra vehicle power while less adhesive tires trouble you with constant stuck. This tire combines creativity and high-tech to offer a great bite. It can be used on ranches and muddy roads without compromising its traction power.

All-condition Tire
This tire has not been designed for a particular season! It can be used in summer and winter. The GBC Dirt Bias is an all-condition tire that doesn’t get stuck. Its lightweight design allows it to sling mud offering a fast forward movement. With this tire, business will be as usual all through the year because it doesn’t discriminate between sunny and rainy days!

Great Steering
It offers great handling and steering. The rubberized grip absorbs all ground frictions giving you an smooth enjoyable ride. This mud tire provides maximum balance preventing topples. It is the perfect tire for transport of various products that require careful handling.

The GBC Dirt Bias ATV Tire is highly durable. It is designed to withstand abuse and misuse. With this tire, you will afford a smile because it will offer you an exceptional ride for many years. The durability is ensured by the 6 ply design and the sturdy rubber used in the design of this tire. After use, you can sell this tire to second-hand product dealers hence enjoying a double benefit.

Ergonomic Design
This tire features an ergonomic tread pattern. It is meant to provide a bold, tough and beautiful appearance. The smooth polished outer layer hides the rough, bold and powerful parts inside! The deep siping treads ensure maximum grip with less ground contact.

Key Features
• Brand: GBC Motorsports.
• Model: Dirt Devil.
• Item Weight: 21.4 pounds.
• Product Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 10 inches.
• Section Width: 24 inches.
• Aspect Ratio: 10.
• Construction: Bias. • Rim Diameter: 11 inches.
• Speed Rating: B.
• Strong and durable design.
• Exceptional tread pattern provide excellent traction.
• Great handling for Smooth ride.
• Lugs dimpled with extra biting edges to increase traction.
• Reinforced lugs for stable footprint and durability.
• 6-ply design for puncture resistance.

• It has 6 ply designs for increased puncture, tear and wear resistance.
• It offers excellent grip in a range of trails.
• It is an all-condition tire offering same superior performance in winter and summer.
• It is very affordable.

• It is not very versatile – it can’t be used in light trucks and pickups.
• It takes a little bit longer to install this tire.

The GBC Dirt Bias ATV Tire has efficient and aggressive traction and thus it is a great purchase. It is full of quality features so it can be used as a perfect replacement/substitute of Carlisle. The 6 ply design makes the tie very durable giving you a smile in many miles. Also, the 6 ply pattern works perfectly to ensure puncture, tear and wear resistance – You will enjoy a long, smooth ride on this tire! The GBC Dirt produces unmatched traction in a wide range of terrains making the tire ideal for the ranches. It doesn’t compromise its traction in winter or summer! If you want a bold and aggressive look without digging deep into your pockets, you can consider the GBC Dirt Bias ATV Tire.