How do you Choose and Maintain ATV Tires

How do you Choose and Maintain ATV Tires?

Back to basics

ATV (all-terrain vehicle) tires are prime commodities these days. As some people are lured to sports, active riding and grueling adventures of a lifetime, a good sign of rapid transformation away from inactivity (especially the youth) going to the rigors of off-road excitement.

Whether you already own an ATV and you want spare tires or want to replace all of them due to tear and wear or you are a novice rider trying to figure out what are the best tires, we could teach you how to choose the best tires for you. And not only that, after the purchase, we give you tips on how to care and maintain your precious purchase.

6 of the Best Advice on Choosing the Right ATV tires

ATVs, as we all know, could be quad, quad bike, three-wheeler or four-wheeler. But all of these could have the same brand of tires recommended by the manufacturers of ATVs, by owners’ choice or the standard of the industry. Old and obsolete tires, condemned, worn-out and dilapidated tires should be replaced immediately to avoid accidents.

If you prefer to choose the same model of your old tires, you do not need these tips, but if you choose the more advance model, be serious about this tips. Here are some tips on how to choose the right ATV tires for you:

  • If you plan to go for more rugged terrain such as heavy mud, rocky road, sandy dunes or whatever rugged surface that excites you, read reviews (these reviews give detailed info on tires’ features and specifications), blogs and articles online that give advices on intended products.
  • Compared features of each brand of ATV tires and select the best for your needs. does have the wide variety of tires to choose from and reviews from customers are there for your reading and analyzing.
  • Look for the most cost effective, with high quality, durability, reliability and the correct size for your ATV.
  • Do not settle for less. Look for the toughest. One criterion often considered by experts is the ply rating of tires. The higher the rating, the higher the possibility of toughness and durability. Another one is the depth of treads. The deeper the tread, the longer the tire’s life expectancy.
  • If you are a veteran rider, charge some instinct to experience and some to reviews.
  • Let the price be your last resort.

These tips on choosing the right tires for your ATV are really a big effort. It could be time consuming if you choose to go shop on physical stores and yet you find that the one you desired is out of stock. What a waste! It is now a thing of the past. The best really is to shop online where you could probably choose from dozens of manufacturers and state-of-the-art models.

7 Tips for Caring and Maintaining your ATV tires

After the gruesome struggle to choose the right tires for you, it is now time to give the tires the utmost care they deserve. Here are some valuable tips on the preventive maintenance to make your tires last longer:

  • Be sure your tires are not over-pressure. Experts’ advised that tires should be pressurized within the 5-10 psi range; pressure above this range is highly prohibited.
  • Check your tires virtually every day (air-pressure, leaks, dings and dents, loose bolts and any other abnormal signs). Keep parameters within range.
  • Allow the ATV to rest on a leveled ground and check the tires if they touch the ground completely, if not, check for loose bolts and tighten them. Or check for unbalanced shocks. Let the expert mechanic do the job for problem/s you are not sure how to fix.
  • Always park the ATV with cleaned tires after a whole day of rides.
  • Do not run the tires deflated, except for emergency situations.
  • Do not over load the tires.
  • Read carefully the accompanying users’ manual for proper care of the tires advised by the manufacturer.

The ATV tires you have purchased become your precious property that really needs caring and maintenance to serve you longer and serve you well. These activities will not only save precious dollars but might as well save your life, too.

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