How to extract stuck truck / four wheeler extraction tricks

Your truck may get stuck when you least expect it to happen. Even with high traction tires, you may get stuck at one time. Therefore, it’s wise to know how to extract stuck truck. With the below four wheeler extraction tricks, you won’t fear to drive your truck in any terrain. Note that you may get stuck in the mud, sand, snow and even rocks. There are three tools that can save you in case your truck gets stuck.

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These three tools include

You can use any shovel to get the job done. However, ensure the shovel won’t break when you dig out sand, mud, rocks or snow from around your truck’s tires. Wooden handles are ideal, but they can dry out with time and snap at the time of need. Fortunately, there are numerous shovels in the market, and you won’t lack a perfect model. You can consider the AAA 4004 Red Aluminum, Sport Utility Shovel.

2.Hi-Lift Jack
Moving around with a Hi-Lift Jack is very vital. This tool will really help you in case your truck gets stuck. No matter how heavy your truck is, the Hi-Lift Jack will give you a mechanical advantage, to pull, lift or push your truck back on the road. There is no any other tool that will replace a Hi-Lift Jack so ensure it’s in your truck when you travel. One of the handiest tools is the Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48-inches Black Cast and Steel Jack.

3.Two Strap
With a two strap, you’ll require another vehicle to pull you. If you have your own two straps, you’ll stand a better chance to call another person to pull your vehicle. When choosing this tool, be careful to avoid cheap models that don’t stand strong. Choose a great model like the Neiko 51005A Heavy-duty Tow Strap with Hooks.

How to extract your truck from different trails

How to extract stuck truck

If your truck gets stuck in the mud, you can rely on the two straps. Call someone to pull your truck. But at times, your truck may be too deep such that pulling won’t help. In such a case, you can jack up your truck and then stuff a friction-adding material like rocks or logs under the tires.
You can avoid getting stuck by driving through the ruts made by another vehicle with taller tires. Also, driving forward, reverse and sawing your steering wheel right and left may help to prevent your truck from getting stuck.

Driving on sand requires excellent floating. So if you get stuck in the sand, you have to air out the tires to a lower level. Avoid temptations of spinning your tires if you get stuck in the sand. The tires may end up digging more into the ground.
Now you have to use your shovel to dig out sand that may be blocking the tires from moving forward. At times, you can search for another truck to pull you using your two straps. But ensure you are pulled towards the direction that you had followed earlier.
Note that sand is hard on truck’s drive train so avoid pursuing someone across a dune. Sometimes, rocking the truck by shifting the transmission forward to reverse may get you unstuck; however, it takes a toll on your truck. Be keen on the coolant temperature to avoid smoking. You may burn up the drive train and end up walking home!

Getting stuck in snow is dangerous since the outside temperature may not be friendly to human. In this situation, chains will be of great help. Mount a set of chains to get added bite that will keep you moving. Follow the vehicle ahead and look out for obstructions like fallen trees that may be covered by the snow. Maintain momentum as you strive to move forward.

Driving over rocks is very tricky! Your vehicle may get suspended between rocks. If that happens, a winch may be the best tool to give your truck controlled extraction. Lifting your truck is the key to getting unstuck. Therefore, use your Hi-Lift Jack to lift your truck. After you unstuck your truck, follow the vehicle in front of you or get another trail.

Getting stuck is a very frustrating experience especially for those who are in a hurry, or for utility vehicles. Thus, always ensure you move with the right tools to unstuck your truck in case the worst happens. Fortunately, you can avoid getting stuck by keep momentum when driving through uneven trails. Also, knowing your trail better will prevent the truck from getting stuck.