Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire (25X8.00-2) – cheap Atv tires reviews

cheap atv tires-Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire (25X8.00-12)
This product is considered as a cheap ATV tire since its introduction in 2007, where its price remained steady during the years despite its high sales. The Kenda made Bearclaw K299 is still topping the chart for the past 8 years and still very popular with ATV riders.
Mainly designed to resist puncture and low temperature roads, this tire could really be a “beast” when it comes to snowy and super cold environment. The traction and tight grip on the surface is the result of the tread design which highlights the angled knobs that dug on the surface within contact. The grip really resembles the tight grip of a real bear, hence its nickname.

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Major features

Better power steering
This 8-inch wide tire could give you better control of the steering wheel especially during sharp turns. The tire just doesn’t slip during curving making the rider safe and sound and without slipping through dangerous curves.

Extra traction
When you are travelling at an awesome speed, the tires provide added traction to avoid untoward incident as this product includes center lugs to fit in any type of thread. By this, the hub is always at the center of the axis of revolution of the wheel. This creates extra traction for the tires.

The tread is patterned after a long-run style
Generally, all tires have to be treaded to compensate for throttling, idling and early wear out of the main tire body. Ideally: the deeper the tread, the longer the life of the tire. And it is a common knowledge among manufacturers and users of tires. The manufacturer of K299 makes sure the tread of this tire is longer and deeper (at ¾ inch) compared to other brands. The product has also symmetrical center tread pattern in-between the long ones, thus lessening the tire crevice.

Provision to avoid dings and dents
K299 tires are provided with cover guard to protect the tires from destructive dings/dents. The guard does wonder while other brands remained unguarded. Dings and dents are some of the worst conditions your tires might have. This is the best chance now to replace you’re somewhat low performance old tires which do not have the provisions as the K299.

The product’s bottleneck
Deep mud holes full of stinky water must be avoided. While the tire is proven with reliable traction, when tires are buried more than half its height, the possibility of idling is most likely. The better option is to pull the vehicle possibly with rope.


The Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire is truly a better companion along the most rugged terrain of the planet. Snow may not be a problem but if could be avoided, better to. Beside, harsh winter is not a good time for ATV fun except for emergency situations. Cheap ATV tires are not necessarily with “cheap” quality. There are still exceptions to the rule and Kenda manufacturer is just proud of their high quality products, yet at an affordable price. Our ATV tire reviews will surely lead you to a better choice.