Kenda K284 K284 ATV Tire (21X7-10) – cheap Atv tires reviews

cheap atv tires-Kenda K284 K284 ATV Tire - 21X7-10
Thinner does not necessarily weaker. The Kenda K284 K284, though much slimmer than other brands, is considered the Terminator ATV tires of the industry. You could probably wonder why? The K284 has 7 inches of width; it is the favorite replacement (in some cases: as front wheel) tire by ATV enthusiasts. Thus, this tire “terminates” the services of old and unreliable tires.
This doesn’t mean that the product is low quality, it’s just happens that the tire is also lighter than any other brand of its type but rigid and tough. In actual uses, the tire is practically at its best for three-wheeler ATVs.

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Its best features

Lightness and rigidity
These two characteristics are difficult to combine in design, but yet Kenda had done it. This tire is truly light (11.7 lbs.) but really tough. The tire does not bounce hard when hitting bumpy objects so the driver does not lose control of the steering wheel. Its bias pattern of construction gives it the power to stick on the surface despite its lightness.

Vertical tread design
The symmetrically vertical tread pattern of the Kenda 284 enables it to have low maintenance capability. The tire is easy to clean, without the possibility of adhering small rocks in-between the tread. Cleaning the tire just required low-pressure water. The stripes within the tread are added feature to spit the dirt while it is travelling.
The tread design also gives capability to maneuver easily to sharp curves and adds superiority in tracking and cornering.

This tire is truthfully price lower than most of its competitors. The quality though does not diminish, only its price. Very cost effective and a better bargain, indeed!
Proven to last longer than nearest competitors
Kenda was right when they decided to design the K284 the way it is now. Few manufacturers produce this type of tire. But, users and experts swear that this product last longer by more than 21% than any other brand.

Sorry to hear its setback
The K284 tire though is not perfect either. Due to its smaller diameter, it is not conducive to surface full of humps, big rocks and the likes. The vehicle’s chassis might be stuck. Not unless you’re ATV has longer shocks and higher chassis which may solve this problem.

Our verdict
This Kenda tires review consequently nullify the myth that hounded veteran ATV drivers for decades that lighter and smaller tires will do more harm than good to the users of the vehicles. We have witnessed the innovations on tire technology undergone the past years and we may say that the truth of yesteryears may not be the truth of today.
The Kenda K284 tire holds still the title of “terminator” ATV tire for good. While products from other sources lag behind this product in its category in terms of units sold, the competition and development is still open for further innovations. The invention of more sophisticated materials and ergonomic designs do not stop. As long as we have the chance to inform the buyers of this durable products the better we educate them.