Set of 4 ATV Tires for sale on the Market (Review)

At times, you have a fixed budget yet you want to give your UTV new power to cruise the ridges. But don’t worry! No matter your budget, you can get a set of 4 atv tires at great discounts. In this review, we have covered 5 sets of cheap atv tires, all available with great discount.Choose any of these cheap set of 4 atv tires and you won’t regret.

Cheapest set of 4 atv tires on the market

1.Full set of ITP Mega Mayhem (6ply) 27×9-12 and 27×11-12 ATV Tires (4)

set of 4 atv tires - Full set of ITP Mega Mayhem (6ply)
ITP continues to produce tires that surpass original model’s quality. If you are in search of a cheap solution for your truck, you can consider the Full set of ITP Mega Mayhem. This cheap set of 4 atv tires comes to save you all the exaggerated costs of tires. These tires come with an ergonomic design while maintaining their versatility and durability nature. They are regarded as one of the best-built atv tires since they have received a lot of market acceptance. With an ultra-deep tread of 1.5 inches, these tires offer high traction that we all desire.
You will appreciate the 6 ply construction that comes to add durability and strength. The 6-ply design also makes these tires puncture resistances. These tires feature a rim diameter of 12 inches; perfect for smaller frame riders. You will have a panoramic view of the trail allowing a clear vision of the road ahead. You even want lightweight tires for excellent balancing. The ITP Mega Mayhem feature 33 lbs that give you sufficient balance cornering, reliable braking, and gradual to immediate acceleration. These cheap set of 4 tires is compatible with most utility vehicles and 4X4’s so you can consider them as a perfect replacement of your old tires.

Key Features

• Rim diameter of 12 inches for use by smaller riders
• Ultra deep tread pattern of 1.50 inches for excellent traction
• Bias construction for smooth ride
• 6 ply construction for durability
• Compatible with most UTV’s

2.Full set of ITP Mud Lite (6ply) 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 ATV Tires (2)

set of 4 atv tires - Full set of ITP Mud Lite (6ply) 25x8-12 and 25x10-12 ATV Tires
The Full set of ITP Mud Lite offers an affordable and quality option to improve the functionality of your vehicle. These tires come at great discounted price, so you won’t spend much to power your utility vehicle. The high-tech construction of these tires takes care of all driver needs. They feature a bias construction that offers a smooth ride even when moving on rough roads. If you want a solution for muddy conditions, these tires may be your option. They are designed to tackle heavy mud terrain. The 6 ply rating is a revolutionary innovation perfected and improved through many years of ingenuity. This construction prevents the tires from constant wear and tear.
Featuring a 0.75 inches tread depth, these tires offer considerable traction in a variety of trails. These tires are magnificently embossed through rubber giving them a flawlessly and handsomely appearance. They are meant to give your tire an aggressive appearance and ability to handle uneven trails and take you to places where other tires fail.

Key Features

• 6 ply construction for puncture resistance and durability
• Bias construction offers quality rides
• 12 inches rim diameter to suit more UTVs
• 0.75 tread depth offer considerable traction
• Highly affordable

3.Full set of GBC Dirt Devil (6ply) 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 ATV Tires (4)

set of 4 atv tires - Full set of GBC Dirt Devil (6ply) 25x8-12 and 25x10-12 ATV Tires (4)
Do you want to save on your truck tires? Then here is an option for you. The Full set of GBC Dirt Devil ensures you give your truck new aggressive look and power. These cheap set of 4 tires are designed for all round riding condition and are available at great discounted price. They are built to fit in most ATVs. You will appreciate the large lug size that provides exceptional ground clearance. Also, they come with deeper, aggressive lugs making them perfect for muddy conditions. High rating, these tires are developed to offer efficient traction in gravel, dirt and hard pack.
Featuring 6-ply construction, the GBC Dirt Devil offers puncture resistance and durability. You will enjoy using these set of atv tires for a prolonged time without experiencing any tear and wear. When you choose these set of atv 4 tires, you won’t be disappointed since it’s of high-quality and fairly priced. If you want to power your 4 wheeler, you will be able to reach places where you have never before. Those planning, to purchase it for utility vehicles, you will love this magnificent set of 4 atv tires since they offer a smooth uncompromised ride. Make a choice and you will be able to get to places where your inventory tires can’t.

Key Features

• Deep tread depth of 0.63 inches for tract
• 6 ply rating for durability
• Highly puncture resistance
• Bias construction offers smooth ride
• They aren’t stiff

4.Full set of Sedona Rip Saw 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 ATV Tires (4)

set of 4 atv tires - Full set of Sedona Rip Saw 25x8-12 and 25x10-12 ATV Tires (4)
The Full set of Sedona Rip Saw come at an great discounted price. These tires are designed to offer more than just a comfortable ride. They feature 1.13 inches tread depth, just want drivers want! With this tread depth, these tires offer unparalleled traction on numerous trails. They will power your traction through gravel, dirt mud, snow. You can even try some creativity on rocks. These tires are well designed to bite in slippery conditions.

With 12 inches rim diameter, these tires are very versatile. They can be used to offer excellent traction in most utility vehicles. They come in radial construction to offer exceptional handling and balancing in most trails. Featuring 6 ply heavy-duty construction, these set of 4 atv tires offer great stability and smooth ride. They absorb all ground impacts to offer a cozy ride even in extreme trail conditions.

Key Features

• Radial construction for quality handling
• 6 ply rating for puncture resistance
• 12 inches rim diameter for versatility
• Tread depth of 1.13 inches offers unparalleled traction

5.2 FRONT 25-8-12 and 2 REAR 25-10-12 ATV Kenda Bearclaw TIRES

set of 4 atv tires - 2 FRONT 25-8-12 and 2 REAR 25-10-12 ATV Kenda Bearclaw TIRES
These set of 4 atv tires come to give your truck new power to handle rough and bumpy terrains. These cheap set of tires include 2 front and 2 rear wheels, all that you want! These 4 Kenda Bearclaw tires are best performing and beefiest for more biting. When you choose these cheap tires, you will enjoy a long lasting use. They come in 6 ply rating making them puncture resistance and free from tear and wear. You use these tires for long and even with extended use, they will last for long.
They come with angled knobs allowing them to dig ultra-deep into terrain enabling maximum traction. You will enjoy great unparalleled traction regardless of the trail. These set of cheap tires offer great steering response. Choose these tires if you want to enjoy puncture resistance and a great bargain.

Key Features
• 6 ply rating for puncture resistance
• longest lasting ATV tires
• angled knobs dig deep into all terrains for maximum traction
• Great steering response

The above set of 4 atv tires is the best in the market today. They all come with great discounts and they perform above expectations. When you choose one of the sets of 4 tires deals, you will enjoy quality features like maximum traction, puncture resistance, and great handling.