2 Front (25X8-12) & 2 Rear (25X10-12) ATV Mud Rebel Tires – cheap Atv tires reviews

cheap atv tires-2 FRONT 25-8-12 & 2 REAR 25-10-12 ATV MUD REBEL TIRES
Considered as cheap ATV mud tires of its class, the Mud Rebel Tires come in 2 sets (4 tires in all) with different tire width but have identical tread patterns. The combinations are perfect to obtain more balance while travelling inclined plane and heavily mudded terrain. This Sedona made tires are the pride of the company.
The front tires have smaller width than the rear tires as some ATV riders’ find this set-up more logical. By this set-up, the center of gravity shift slightly towards the rear giving heavy rider equilibrium within the rides. A balanced ride during the start of travel will give the same condition throughout the ride if no other weight is added into the vehicle. These tires will make muddy surfaces just like any other road.

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Its vast features

Easy power steering on all conditions
The Mud Rebel Tires are designed to provide ease of steering in any given surface, provided they are used simultaneously. Wear and tear, as normal occurrence, will inflict the tires in the same manner overtime. Steering is made effectively easy when using these tires. So, it is better to condition your transmission system to take advantage of this great feature.

Symmetrical and identical treads for all tires
It is interesting to note that these tires’ tread is the same and cut-through the rubber with accuracy and precision. This feature makes the Mud Rebel unique from other classes. The tires worn-out exactly at the same time, but longer. The angled tread design grasp well especially with muddy or dry surfaces. The added grip avoids sliding and skidding throughout the smooth ride.

Rocky road capable
These tires could not only grip through heavy mud terrain; these could also handle rocks and rivers with ease and confidence. The high quality premium rubber material, reinforced with steel-belted radial pattern allows for controlled inflated sizes and resists punctures. These tires could carry heavy loads unlike any other brands. Just stick to what its users’ manual had to say regarding additional weight handling.

Unfortunately, the tires have one weakness
The tires are also advisable for use with 4X4s only that its response rate is not as quick as when using in other UTVs. However, the difference is only in millisecond, this could not be a big issue though. It is best to know the effects in both applications so riders may adjust to its gradual shift. As they say, “knowledge is power”.

Our judgment

The Mud Rebel Tires, which is a 4-item ATV tire package from Sedona, is considered one of the best alternatives for all-out replacement with existing old and dilapidated units to make an upgrade with your ATVs performance. This ATV tire review is truly educational and informative especially for the novice. There are dozens of cheap ATV mud tires out there, but you could not be shortchanged with the ones offered by Sedona, one of the most respected tire manufacturers of our time.