5 Advantages of Proper Tire Inflation (Tip & Guide)

Drivers have a lot to do to improve efficiency and longevity of the car. One such thing is the proper tire inflation. Keeping the correct air pressure in your car is very important. Most experts have liked proper tire inflation to giving vehicles an engine tune up. Properly inflated tires can improve the vehicle mileage by almost 3% to 4%. Apart from improving mileage, proper tire pressures are safer for drivers and will last for long periods. There are several benefits vehicle owners can gain by having their tires properly inflated. Drivers with properly inflated tires can experience comfort, durability, and excellent performance.

Advantages of Proper Tire InflationThe tire structure is maintained when tires are properly inflated. The tire handling and traction will respond well making driving an enjoyable experience. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits drivers can gain from properly inflated tires:

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1. Safety
Tires are engineered to operate safely at all times. Just like any functional parts, tires need regular maintenance to guarantee safety and perform at optimum levels. Tires that are over or under inflated will always develop handling problems. The tires might not steer, brake or accelerate properly. This poses a safety issue on other devices like the stability and traction control system. The antilock braking system can also become affected putting the driver and the passenger at risk of accidents. Properly inflated tires will offer security to the driver and passenger in the vehicle. They will ensure proper traction, steering, and braking. This ensures the general safety of the vehicle at all times.
The right amount of air in your tires can help you avoid unnecessary accidents. Good tire pressures improve the handling of the vehicles. Under inflated tires increases the chances of accidents. Always make a stop at gas stations with an air pump and have your tires inflated properly.

2. Fuel consumption
The efficiency of vehicles running smoothly affects the fuel consumption. Properly inflated tires will enable vehicles to run efficiently saving a lot of fuels that would have gone to waste. On average, drivers are more likely to save up for two weeks of gas on a yearly basis. This is enough money that could be spent somewhere else. Fuel economy is one of the most crucial aspects in today’s world where fuel prices rapid change prices. Tires with the right pressure simply mean going long distances without making regular trips to the gas station for refilling.

3. Less wear and tear on tires
Good tire pressure means your tire won’t wear out so fast. Bad wear tire patterns can easily be avoided by incorporating proper inflation with other techniques like alignment, balancing, and rotation. Cases, where parts of the tire wear out quickly, are easily avoided. The right amount of air in your tires can prevent regular visits to the tire shop.

4. Reduces environmental pollution
A greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide is released into the environment every time a liter of gas is spent by vehicles. Gas emission to the environment increases with poor fuel efficiency while it decreases with good fuel efficiency. Proper tire inflation drastically reduces the carbon dioxide emissions to the environment helping protect it. Millions of tons of carbon dioxide are being released each year because of poor tire inflation. The millions of tires discarded every year also cause environmental pollution. The number of tires discarded each year could drastically reduce with the right amount of air in the tires. This will mean less wear and tear and tires lasting for long periods. Reducing the amount of tires used each year means reducing the amount of gasoline.

5. Cost savings
Vehicle owners can save a lot by having the right amount of air in the tires. The right amount of air in the tire ensures the lifetime of a tire is prolonged. This will save the costs involved when visiting a tire shop. Two or three sets of tires could be saved over the lifetime of your vehicle if the tires are properly maintained.

There is a need to read the manual for the vehicle to understand the importance of filling your tires with the right amount of air. Tire inflation looks pretty simple but not taking it seriously can lead to fatal accidents. The following videos illustrate the importance of proper tire inflation.