Carlisle AT489XL ATV Tire – cheap Atv tires reviews

cheap atv tires-AT489XL ATV Tire (25X8-12)
This tire has 6 available sizes, including this one. The Carlisle AT489XL tires are one of those models that could literally shake you up. The geometrically engineered tread is a wonderful work of art. The Carlisle ATV tires are manufactured under strict quality guidance.
Aside from enjoying the position as one of the most sellable products of its class online, it also boasts of having the longest life despite heavy uses. Primarily designed to conquer various types of ATVs, it is also radially constructed which gives 12% more traction than conventional tires of its league.
Weighing 15.8 lbs., the Carlisle 489XL does not wear easily. This tire does not deflate easily despite extensive use. Veteran users commented online that the average air-inflation takes place after weeks of use. That is quite a feat for a tire and added up to its low-maintenance characteristics.

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Worthwhile features

Really deep tread and near-perfect symmetry
The 489XL tire tread is designed with a highly defined pattern that is seamless and polished to perfection. This 15.8 lbs. tire has an aspect ratio of “8” classified as large sidewall enhanced that entails wider surface area which the tire could occupy. The higher the aspect ratio begets a higher chance of grabbing large surface area where stable footing results. However, this ratio may affect steering ability, on this regards, the rider could be more alert.

Could be used in various ATVs
The Carlisle ATV tire is not only advisable for quad or three-wheeler ATVs, but also for fun karts, side by side vehicles, utility vehicles, 4X4s, Polaris ATVs and other similar types. The versatility of this tire (with 6-ply construction) makes it one of the most popular choices among gaming operators such as races and carnivals among other power sports.

Power banking is one its fortes
This clean-cut tire continues to amaze riders because of its tight grip on surfaces when banking especially at relatively high speed (commonly peg at 18-20 mph). The tire don’t easily skid and slide, opposite banking side tire just levitate and clears the ground in minimal clearance and in only seconds.

Some hitches of this tire
The tire should not be inflated to maximum allowed by the manufacturer for any reason beyond 7 psi, especially when use for side by side vehicles or any vehicle that carries heavy load. You may read repeatedly the user’s manual of instructions for allowable load for this tire.


The tire industries, especially those that concern ATVs, produced some of the world’s best riders when they choose to utilize the best tires for their games, and this amusement industry is the product of the continuous enthusiasm of the people to keep the sports alive and kicking. This Carlisle ATV tire review may help everyone who is still reluctant about choosing the right product for them, whether for commercial or everyday use. The Carlisle tires might be the right choice for an aggressive enthusiast.