Cheap Porter Cable 7424xp Reviews

The Porter cable 7424XP offers the best way to polish your vehicle. These portable cables are the perfect option for all professionals and enthusiastic who want to restore their vehicles paintwork. This review features 3 of the best porter cable 7424XP in the market. You may love to check some factors about this porter cables.

All the three porter cables come at great discounts. Thus, you will get a perfect polishing porter cable for your needs at a low price.

These vehicle polishing machines are of high quality to offer long-lasting services. They are high duty and won’t get spoiled easily. You will enjoy lightweight nature of these porter cables.

The Porter cables 7424XP come with excellent features to adapt to your car polishing/padding needs. All the three kits featured in this review come with all the accessories you require for immediate paintworks. They come with polishers and the supporting items to ensure you have an easy time when removing paint scratches and swirl marks. Also, they offer a safe way to protect and polish your car.

Customer reviews
The three porter cables have numerous customer reviews. They all have a rating of above ~ 4.5 out of five stars a sure show that users like their qualities.

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Top 3 cheap Porter Cable 7424XP

1.Porter cable 7424xp series 6-inch variable speed polisher

cheap Porter cable 7424xp series 6-inch variable speed polisher
The Porter cable 7424xp series 6-inch has a score of 4.6 out of five stars after 499 customer reviews. Ideally, most online retailer’s customers love this porter-cable due to its quality features and affordability.

It’s ideal for sanding and polishing marine and automotive projects. It features 4.5 amp motor for random orbit and high overload protection. This porter cable comes with 6 inches polishing pad. It’s nicely compact at only 5 ½ pounds to offer a swirl-free polishing/ sanding action. The action is powered by an electric variable-speed dial operating at 2,500 to 6,800 orbits per minute (OPM). The Porter cable 7424xp series 6-inch is compatible with 5/16 – 24 spindle thread appliances and it provides a roller bearing and full ball construction for longevity under industrial workloads.

This porter cable has a proprietary counter balance for operation with 6 inches sanding/polishing pad and features 2-position removable side handle for incredible control and comfort. The polisher measures 11.5 inches by 10.5 inches by 6 inches.

The set includes porter-cable 7424XP random orbit polisher; side handle; wrench; polishing pad.
Key Features
• Random orbit and swirl-free sanding or polishing action
• Electronic variable-speed dial of 2,500-6,800 OPM
• Accepts 5/16-24 spindle thread accessories
• Removable two-position handle
• Includes 6 inches polishing pad
• Three-year limited warranty

2.TORQ BUF5O1X 10X Random orbital polisher kit

cheap TORQ BUF5O1X 10X Random orbital polisher kit
The TORQ BUF5O1X 10X polisher kit has high rating and more customer reviews. The high rating is a sure show that most users love its functionality.

The pack comes with all the accessories you require to start polishing. The kit includes a polisher, two 5 inches backing plates, three 5.5 inches, two 4 oz. polishes and two 4 oz. compounds.   It’s a tool that most people would enjoy and understand. It’s a streamline polishing machine with precision and the power needed by professionals in combination with a simple design. It combines intuitive ease of use, power and smoothness to deliver advanced technology in automotive polishing. The ergonomic design adapts to any enthusiast and detailing professional. The engineers constructed the 10FX random polisher to remove scratches, swirls and paint defects with an incredible speed by using the ideal throw design.

It features excellent vibration reduction technology allowing the user to work for long with minimal scratches. The TORQ 10FX has a distinct digital control system to create a perfect speed to polish any automotive while offering a smooth start-up. The digital display is easy to read, thus, it gives the user clear figures about speed settings. This orbital polisher delivers the perfect power required at low speeds and high speeds.

Key Features
• Kit includes a polisher, two 5 inches backing plates, three 5.5 inches, two 4 oz. polishes and two 4 oz. compounds
• Speed control buttons and digital display for intuitive and precise control
• Machine configuration and internal components finely balanced for excellent ease of use
• Start-up function and smooth power delivery
• Lightweight construction featuring vibration reduction technology

3.Chemical Guys BUF209 porter cable 7424XP

cheap Chemical Guys BUF209 porter cable 7424XP
The Chemical Guys BUF209 complete detailing kit is a perfect solution for any vehicle enthusiast or detailing professional. This porter cable offers a safe option to restore your car’s paintwork by removing scratches and swirl while providing the capability to apply sealants and waxes faster than ever. This wonderful kit features everything you require to start with machine polishing. It features a leading dual-action technology to effectively and safely restore any color paintwork. All professionals and enthusiastic looking for a great machine for incredible paintwork will find this portable cable will useful.
This durable, portable cable includes 5 Hex-Logic polishing pads to tackle any situation. Also, it comes with a white polishing pad, an orange cutting pad, black finishing pad, red ultra-finish pad and blue glazing pad. There is also chemical guy’s heavy-duty 5 inches hook and loop backing plate for attaching any Hex-logic polishing pad. The Chemical Guys pad cleaner is perfect for removal of wax and old polish from your Hex-logic making them fresh for the next job. This kit will last for years offering you an excellent option to restore paintwork on your vehicle.

Key Features
• Keeps a new car finish and enhances paint gloss
• Removes paint scratches and swirl marks
• Easy and safe way to polish, clean and protect your vehicle
• Polisher features gobs of polishing power
• A speed for all tasks

The three porter cables in this review are the best in the market. If you want a safe, cheap, and perfect solution to restore your car paintwork, you can choose one of them. All have a rating of above ~ 4.5 out of five stars since customers love their quality features. Note that the kits come with all the accessories you need to get started. Whether you are a professional or an enthusiastic, you will find any of these kits very useful.