Run flat tire repair solutions (Tips & Guide)

Do you experience flat tires frequently? At times, you may take your flat tires to a dealer and within a short time you will be back on the road. However, some tire repairs are urgent and costly. In fact, some people may prefer to buy new tires rather than repairing their old ones. But you don’t have to go through all that hassle! There are simple methods of run flat tire repair. You can simply fix a flat tire and avoid all the unnecessary inconveniences. Essentially what you need are tire repair supplies. For example, you may require a great tire repair kit to achieve excellent results.

tips for run flat tire repairIt doesn’t matter the type of tires, whether tubeless or tube tires, you can repair it with ease.
In the case of tubeless tires, you can use a tool like the Victor 22-5-00106-8. It contains rasp tools, T handle insert and five 4-inch heavy duty brown tire plugs. This kit improves torque. It gives you the option to repair tires on the go. Although it’s a temporary solution, you will appreciate the ease of use.

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Tubeless Tire Repair

Within only four steps, you will be back on the road.

Step one
Remove the object that caused the puncture and then insert rasp tool into the hole. Ensure to slide up and down for cleaning the inside of the hole.

Step two
Remove the repair plug from the backing material and then insert into the eye of the needle tool. Now center the plug within the eye opening.

Step Three
Insert a needle with the repair plug into the hole. Ensure the plug is pushed to about 2/3 of the way. Then pull the needle straight out, avoid twisting it and it should be in a rapid motion.

Step four
You can cut off any extra plug material flush with a sharp object of the tread of a tire. At times, you can use cement for lubrication and maximum adhesion.

After the above steps, your vehicle will be in a good state to take you then next few miles. It’s advisable to use the above method when you are far from a repair shop. So you will find it very useful if you are cursing the woods. When you get to the nearest tire dealer, get a permanent repair.

If you don’t use tubeless tires for your truck, you can use the Rema Patch Kit. This kit is designed for repair of most utility vehicles; thus, you can use it for light truck tires, tractor tires, and heavy-duty truck tires. It offers seamless repair and a perfect bond. You may need this kit since it stretches uniformly in all directions. You may be confident when choosing it since it has been made in Germany the land of Mercedes Benz. Though it comes in a small pack, you can’t underestimate its ability to offer an excellent solution to flat tires. With this kit, you won’t require any other tire repair supplies.

You can also use a tire puncture sealant like the Slime 70005 Safety Spair. Tire fixing sealants are very convenient to use. Just attach the can’s nozzle to the tire valve stem and then release the contents into the tire. The content will be propelled directly to the puncture and eventually seal it, enabling you to drive without having to remove it. The whole process can take on one or two minutes. They are the perfect solution for people who have less time to fix a tire and also for vehicles that don’t have a spare tire. The only shortcoming of a sealant is that it’s not a permanent solution; you will still have to get an ultimate tire solution. When you are choosing a sealant, ensure it’s suitable for your vehicle; large trucks require large cans while small utility vehicles can be fixed with a relatively small can.

It’s prudent not run on flat tires for long distances since you may harm your vehicle or even cause accidents. Even though self tire repair is a great option to keep you moving, you shouldn’t take it as a permanent solution. Always get a permanent solution when you come to a tire repair dealer.