Run flat tire repair solutions (Tips & Guide)

Do you experience flat tires frequently? At times, you may take your flat tires to a dealer and within a short time you will be back on the road. However, some tire repairs are urgent and costly. In fact, some people may prefer to buy new tires rather than repairing their old ones. But you […]

Ultimate Guide to Free Tire Repair (Tips & Tricks)

Free tire repair Did you want to a free tire repair? Literally, there is no any tire servicing company that can offer tire repair at no cost! However, most of the minor tire repairs like tire replacement and flat tire repair can be done at home without seeking any expert services. Also, the tire repair […]

When you should replace your mud tires (Tips & Guide)

Do you know when you should replace your mud tires? You should be careful and replace your truck tires at the right time to avoid compromising your vehicle’s ability and also your life. Tires are considered as worn out when they reach down to 2/32-inch of remaining tread depth. Some tires are designed with “wear […]

5 Advantages of Proper Tire Inflation (Tip & Guide)

Drivers have a lot to do to improve efficiency and longevity of the car. One such thing is the proper tire inflation. Keeping the correct air pressure in your car is very important. Most experts have liked proper tire inflation to giving vehicles an engine tune up. Properly inflated tires can improve the vehicle mileage […]

Mud Tire Buying Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Looking to purchase new off road tires? There is a wide selection available in the market today from baddest to biggest tires and best-looking to multi-purposes tires. However, there are numerous aspects you should consider before making a final decision. Here is a comprehensive mud tire buying guide. First there is the tire aspect and […]