How to Make Your Car Tires Last Longer

The closure of tire plants and an increase in raw material cost has seen the price of tires rise year on year. There’s no end in sight to these price increases, so extending the useful life of your tires is good for safety and good for your pocketbook. Here are five ways to keep your […]

Advantages of proper tire inflation (Tips)

Keeping the correct tire inflation is a practice that comes with numerous benefits. Ensuring your tires have the right pressure can save you money, enhance the longevity of your vehicle and even prevent accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers tend to ignore this simple tip. Nevertheless, if you want to maintain the efficiency of your truck on […]

How to balance mud and off road tire (Tips & Tricks)

How to balance mud and off road tire

Driving on off road and mud tires offers a great road confidence and capability. Nevertheless, riding on such tires can pose some challenges. Mud tires wear and chunk when used in very uneven environments. Further, wheel weights may get knocked off on some rocks. Also, tires may spin on wheels. Consequently, these aspects can cause […]

How to fix a flat mud tire/how to avoid tire puncture

How to fix a flat mud tire

If you have ever experienced flat tires, then you understand the frustration! At times, you may be lucky to get a flat tire when you are close to a repair station. However, if you are deep in the forest or far away from a repair station, it will be a difficult experience. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t […]

How to extract stuck truck / four wheeler extraction tricks

How to extract stuck truck - four wheeler extraction tricks

Your truck may get stuck when you least expect it to happen. Even with high traction tires, you may get stuck at one time. Therefore, it’s wise to know how to extract stuck truck. With the below four wheeler extraction tricks, you won’t fear to drive your truck in any terrain. Note that you may […]