Top LED headlight conversion kit (Reviews)

LED headlight conversion kit is the most recent innovation in headlight technology. As opposed to the filaments and gas, LED car lights rely on minute diodes that generate light their electrons are excited by electric current. They require low power levels to function but produce a remarkable quantity of heat on the diode. The led interior car light can be formed into different shapes making them ideal for use in a variety of vehicle brands. Ideally, the led headlight kit offer directional light rather than diffuse. They are an excellent choice for those who want the best led interior car lights.

LED lights are more powerful than their counterparts’ halogen and xenon lights. They offer many hours of continuous light and have effective cooling. Also, LED lights save power and are dustproof, and waterproof. They can be installed in almost all automobiles.

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Below are some of the best led headlights conversions kits

OPT7 LED Headlight Bulbs

LED headlight conversion kit - OPT7 LED Headlight Bulbs
The OPT7 LED headlight bulb is designed for those who want a perfect solution for their vehicles. Note that it took a year before the OPT7 headlight kit was launched into the market. During this time, the OPT7 engineers took their designing to a higher level by eliminating flaws to create an LED headlight that outshines the rest. This headlight kit is designed to fit the stock headlights and also plug directly into the OEM sockets. It is CanBus ready and can work with any car’s computer system.

This led headlight kit offers a perfect light pattern. It features an incredible arc-beam lens technology developed around the powerful CREE MK-R LED. The technology offers an LED headlight with perfect beam patterns. You won’t experience short beams, dark spots or scattered beams. This headlight kit has real 6000K cool white lighting all that you need to get a crystal clear daytime light. Plus, instant-on ability with zero warm-up time.

It has an excellent cooling system. You will enjoy 50, 000 hours life due to the modular heat protection technology. A cold pressed aluminum heat sink ensures 35% higher heat reduction. This LED headlight conversion kit features dual-speed turbo cool fan spinning at 7000rpm to offer 5CFM of air flow. An advanced bright TM LED board design syncs with the drive for consistence brightness output and heat protection. The compact redline ASIC-X LED control driver controls LED power through an ultra-efficient mount free install and micro design.

Key Features• Crystal clear 6000K white light
• Enhanced MHC heat control
• 50,000 hours life
• Rainproof, works underwater
• 20 minutes installation time
• 2-year warranty

Kohree 6.5-inch 72W off road LED

LED headlight conversion kit - Kohree 6.5-inch 72W off road LED
The Kohree 6.5-inch 72W is designed to resist any harsh environment. It features black die cast aluminum housing ensuring sturdiness and durability. This versatile LED headlight kit is ideal for truck, ATVs, marine or boats. Thus, it is compatible with virtually all off road vehicles. It offers a long life of about 50, 000 hours of continuous light. This long service life is ensured by an efficient and fast cooling heat sink. You will find it very simple to install this light resource in your vehicle.
The Kohree led headlight features 72 watts power but operates at a voltage of 12 to 30 volts (DC) direct current. Therefore, it’s an energy saving solution and an option to get high brightness. The LED chips come from U.S. and adopt Japanese encapsulation technology to ensure you get the premium headlights for your off road vehicle. This headlight has a beauty exterior that gives your vehicle a sparkling appearance.
This high performance led car headlight kit is dustproof, waterproof and quakeproof. The valid irradiation distance is longer than normal bulb to light the whole forward viewing area, offering greater visibility without eye strain. Spot and flood combo develop the perfect light beam. It has CE certification and complies with Euro standards. The Kohree headlights are covered by 12-month warranty and compensations if receive defective or broken lights.

Key Features
• 72 watts LED power
• 12-30 volts DC operating voltage
• IP67 IP6K9K, SAE J1455 waterproof rate
• 6500k color temperature
• Stainless steel bracket, pimmalense
• Food beam, pencil beam
• Diecast aluminum housing

32-inch light bar Eyourlife super bright led

LED headlight conversion kit - 32-inch light bar Eyourlife super bright led
The 32-inch Eyourlife super bright led headlight has a superior quality and excellent performance to give your car an aggressive look. It is designed to turn night into day due to its powerful light. This headlight kit comes in different sizes offering you a chance to choose the one that will fit your vehicle. This light kit measures 32 inches / 34 inches excluding the mounting bracket which measures 31.5 inches. It’s equipped with 10 to 30 volts DC power source and compatible with all automobiles. You will enjoy 30, 000 hours of continuous light above the life time.
This incredible light kit has a 60-degree flood beam pattern and 30-degree spot beam and features a toughed glass lens design. Hence, it will offer bright light ahead to save you eye fatigue. It features diecast aluminum housing, and Alu firm mounting bracket making it perfect for such automobiles as UTV, ATVs, 4×4 Jeep Cabin, Fork lift, bulldozer, boat, trains and many more. The Eyourlife super bright light has CE certification and it is waterproof so it won’t be affected in fog and rain environments.

Key Features

• 180W 13500LM LED power
• 10 to 30 DC volts operating power
• Diecast aluminum housing
• Toughed glass lens
• Alu firm mounting bracket
• 30000 hours continuous light above life time
• 60 degree flood beam pattern and 30 degree spot beam
• Can be installed in any automobiles
• CE certified and waterproof
• Dimension: 32 inches / 34 inches excluding the mounting bracket, 31.5 inches
• Body color: Light, Black color: white 6000k

The three led headlight kits covered in this review are some of the best options in the market. If you think of giving your vehicle an aggressive appearance and power to cruise anywhere at night, you can consider a led headlight kit. Also, if you want to ditch xenon and halogen lights, an LED light kit will be the best option. All the led car lights in this review come at great prices and offer high performance. LED headlight kit provides up to 50, 000 hours of continuous light to ensure your trip is successful. They create bright light to cover the entire forward relieving you eye strain and fatigue. You will never go wrong with LED headlight conversion kit!

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