Ultimate Guide to Free Tire Repair (Tips & Tricks)

Free tire repair

Did you want to a free tire repair? Literally, there is no any tire servicing company that can offer tire repair at no cost! However, most of the minor tire repairs like tire replacement and flat tire repair can be done at home without seeking any expert services. Also, the tire repair cost can be very overwhelming yet it is a minor issue. Therefore, we shall address some of the repairs that can be done for free. So next time you experience any of the below issues, just do it yourself to avoid high repair cost and also travel inconveniences.

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How to replace mud tire

Replacing a malfunctioning mud tire takes only a few minutes if you have the right tools. The most important tools include a wrench, jack and the spare. However, there are some optional tools that you can consider including a flashlight, gloves, tire gauge, plastic rain poncho, and tire blocks.

Steps of replacing a mud/off road tire

1.Find a safe place to park your truck and turn on the hazard lights.
2.Using the wrench loosen the lug nuts
3.Lift the truck of the ground using the jack
4.Pull the lug nuts and remove the tire off the car
5.Now fix the spare tire carefully on the car, put back the lug nuts and tighten them
6.Lower your vehicle slowly to the ground and check to see the lug nuts are tightened properly
7.Finally, your tire is fixed ready to hit the road

Flat tire repair

Having a flat tire is very stressing especially if you are alone in the woods and have no access to a garage. But you can simply repair that tire on your own. It’s so simple free tire repair, and no one will demand payment from you! Reach for your repair kit and let’s get started :
1.Lift your car using the jack for easy access.
2.Apply soapy or even normal water around the wheel to identify the puncture; when you see bubbles, mark the source, it is the puncture.
3.Use plugs to seal large punctures and spray sealant for small holes. For a large hole use the separating tool to create room for the plug.
4.Take out the stick plug and insert it in the plug tool. Every safety seal comes with specific instructions on how to do that. The plugging tool should be removed carefully to avoid enlarging the hole.
5.Next insert the insertion tool and ensure both sides are equal. Then press the collar to hold the plug and prevent it from coming out. Then remove the insertion tool.
6.Use the razor in your kit to cut off any excess plug.
7.Finally, lower your car. Driving around makes the plug hold tightly and prevent it from coming out.

Why you shouldn’t attempt to repair sidewall puncture

You can only repair the tire part that comes into contact with the ground. But you shouldn’t attempt to repair sidewall puncture. So you are supposed to do away with the tire and buy a new one. It is expensive, but it’s a good way to ensure you truck is in a good condition and to prevent accidents.
1.Sidewall patch won’t hold
Unlike the tire part that comes into contact with the ground, the sidewall lacks cords that hold patch. Therefore, the puncture will continue to leak, and it can lead to accidents.

2.Repairing sidewall puncture can compromise your tire’s integrity
If you place a patch on the sidewall, the tire won’t be able to offer its best performance so it won’t be safe for your vehicle. The tire will be vulnerable to a blowout even when driving at low speed increasing the risk of injuries to you and everyone in your vehicle. Therefore, the best thing is to replace the tire to avoid all the above perils.

Tire Alignment

Although you may not get free tire repair if you have problems with the alignment, here is what you should know about tire alignment.

Alignment is the adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension; a system that links the vehicle to the wheels. Proper tire alignment involves adjusting the tire angles which affects tires contact with the road.

When to seek tire alignment
• Uneven tread wear
• Steering wheel vibration
• Vehicle pulling to the right or left

Tire Repair

If you experience flat tires, or you want to change your tires, simply repair your tires other than incurring expensive repair cost. However, you will need free tire repair mostly when you are stuck in the woods or during your trips. But you should also ensure you buy high-quality mud tires to avoid frequent repairs.